2011: Workshop on migration, security and foreign policy

On the 6th of March 2011 a workshop seminar on migration, security and foreign policy in the Mediterranean, was held in Amman organized by Peter Seeberg, University of Southern Denmark and Zaid Eyadat, University of Jordan. With professors participating from all over the world, the ambition of the seminar and a following seminar in June 2011 is to create a Special Issue of a journal or an edited volume of a Middle East book series.

The purpose of the workshop was to cast light on how the relation between migration, security and foreign policy gradually has changed over the last decades. The workshop seemed to analyze recent developments in Mediterranean migration movements and how these movements are dealt with in the foreign and security policies of the states north and south of the Mediterranean. Furthermore it focused onMediterranean migration as a globalized, but also regional and local phenomenon and the perspectives in policies aiming at controlling and regulating migration movements, refugee flows and illegal migrants trying to enter European shores. Finally the project focused on migration as a highly securitized phenomenon, both in a European and Middle Eastern political context.

For more information read the working paper by associate Professor Peter Seeberg.

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