Young Scholars Conference 2014

Has the Arab Spring Failed? – Three Years Later 

The Center for Contemporary Middle East Studies, University of Southern Denmark and the School of International Studies and Political Science (SISPS), The University of Jordan are pleased to invite students to the Young Scholars Conference 2014, which seeks to answer the question “Has the Arab Spring Failed?”

It has been more than three years since a Tunisian man set himself on fire, thus kick starting a string of events that led to the downfall of authoritarian rulers in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen. While the world watched the events unfolding in surprise and astonishment, the Arab people seemed to wake up and filled the streets, demanding reforms.

But for many, the optimism has now turned to disillusionment. In Syria, we are witnessing a horrifying civil war with no end in sight. In Egypt, a democratically elected leader was ousted by the military. In other countries, authorities and militias are competing for control, and in yet others, rulers have passed reforms to calm down the people, or they have cracked down swiftly at the first signs of protest. As for now, Tunisia seems to be our most promising candidate for a successful outcome of the Arab Spring.

Call for papers

So, what happened to the Arab Spring? Has it failed? The Young Scholars Conference will examine this question by centering on three different panel themes. These panel debates, where selected master students will have the opportunity to present their research papers, will cover 1) Radicalism and Extremist Movements 2) Democratic Transitions and Democracy Promotion 3) Youth and Gender. The debates will be moderated by Jordanian and Danish senior researchers and inspire broader debates in plenum. 

Program for both the senior and Young Scholars Conference can be found here.

Participating papers

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