Young Scholars Conference 2013

The Arab Spring – roles, causes and consequences

With the Young Scholars Conference 2013, Center for Contemporary Middle East Studies, University of Southern Denmark and the University of Jordan School of International Studies and Political Science (SISPS) seeked to elucidate some of the most significant causes and consequences of the Arab Spring.

The conference centred on three panel debates, where selected master students had the opportunity to present their research papers. The debates were moderated by Jordanian and Danish senior researchers and involved broader debates in plenum.

Centred on causes, the first panel of the conference shed light on the role of women, the role of youth and the role of social media. The second panel investigated the regional roles and consequences of the Arab Spring, focusing principally on Israel and the phenomenon of migration. The final panel took an international perspective by discussing what roles the EU and U.S. have played in the Arab Spring and what consequences these states are likely to witness.

All 9 presentations were of huge interest and gave rise to debate among the panelist and the 100 participants in the Wadi Rum auditorium at University of Jordan.

Announcement of selected papers

A committee from University of Jordan and University of Southern Denmark have selected the following 4 papers as being of particular good academic quality:


Sara Badoura, University of Jordan Badoura

Sheehan Kane, American University in Cairo Kane

Max Roed Simonsen, University of Southern Denmark RoedSimonsen

Leah Rogotzke, University of Jordan Rogotzke

Johnny Rishmawi, American University in Cairo Rishmawi


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