Quality of Education in the Jordanian university system 2012

How to deal with wasta? Does the level of violence on the university affect my academic learning? how could exams and teaching methods be improved?

The questions were many, when 31 Jordanian university students had signed up for a day, where they themselves, through creative and innovative exercises, should come up with possible solutions to the problems they face in their everyday university life.

Divided into three groups, the students worked creatively with their academic skills in a new way through three sessions, where they dealt with different aspects of quality if education.

Besides focusing on quality of education, some students had also - in workshops preceding the conference - requested a focus on the skills needed to get a job. Therefore, Miss Nawal Qutub was hired to teach the elevator speech. Followed that session, one participant from each group made a 2-minutes presentation of the solution to the problem his or her group had been dealing with all day for a group of invited representatives from ministries, universities and private companies. Finally, the representatives and the students spent 20 minutes in focus groups discussing the problems and the solutions.

During the day, the students got a presentation followed by a discussion from three female university students, who have made a short movie focusing on sexual harassment on the Jordanian universities.

You can also read an article published by "Det Arabiske Initiativs Nyhedsbrev" by Louise Sellau (in Danish).

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