DJUCO Mentor Network

We have established a Danish/European-Jordanian student mentor network with Danish/European students as mentors and Jordanian students as mentees.

Through regular mentor-mentee conversations focusing on discussions and exchange of experience based on the students' own academic issues and assignments/tasks the mentor network will contribute in achieving three main purposes:

1) Academic empowerment and cooperation at student level.

First and foremost it is expected that a mentor arrangement evolving around academic discussions between Jordanian and Danish students will enhance the actual knowledge of both groups in relation to their respective fields of study. Additionally this is expected to improve the students

Through the network conversations the students will have to relate to their field of study, their own theoretical knowledge and competencies as well as the professional and academic standard of the faculties where they and their mentor/mentee are enrolled.

The mentor-talks will subsequently also lead both target groups to reflect on the construction, composition and quality of their education system and student environment through the insight and comparison with the educational circumstance/conditions of their mentor/mentee.

Such reflections could possibly result in ideas, discussions and proposals which could contribute to the development and improvement of the university standard and/or the student environment at the institutes and universities of both target groups.

2) Dialog and cultural exchange within the academic area of education.

Besides the purely academic exchange it is furthermore the aim of the programme that a cultural exchange between the Danish and the Jordanian students will take place, particularly within the academic area of education and in relation to the students

3) Comprehension of the Danish exam culture

The Jordanian students might face difficulties adjusting to the Danish way of examining. A Jordanian focus group has expressed a wish to become better acquainted with the style and structure of the synopsis paper and oral exam and it is our belief that the students at CME can contribute to a greater understanding of said issues.

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