DJUCO Mentor Network

We have established a Danish/European-Jordanian student mentor network with Danish/European students as mentors and Jordanian students as mentees.

Through regular mentor-mentee conversations the students will exchange their experiences with different academic issues, the production of assignments etc. Hereby the mentor network will contribute to several important developments:

1) Academic empowerment and cooperation at student level.  

2) Dialogue and cultural exchange within the academic environment.

3) Greater comprehension of the synopsis exam model.

Seven Danish/European mentors and seven Jordanian mentees joined the DJUCO Mentor Network. They met and were matched in pairs during the Jordanian students’ visit to Denmark in October 2013. At a one-day workshop, KVINFO introduced the couples to the mentor network procedure.

In January the network met again, this time in Jordan where the mentors were visiting. During the visit the Danish students visited the University of Jordan and the network used this last opportunity to share experiences. The visit also marked the end of the first mentor-period.

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