DJUCO Bridge Building Conference

The purpose of The Bridge Building Conference is to highlight the different challenges that relates to the gap between the educational system and the labour market. The aim is for companies, students, university staff and NGOs to work together to define the challenges and develop proposals for solutions. We believe that all parties, being dependent on fresh graduates’ employability, have valuable insights regarding potentials and challenges for minimizing the gap between the labour market and educational system.

By including different stakeholders, students, graduates, policy makers from universities in presentations and discussions, the conference should shed light on potential initiatives, which DJUCO and its partners might initiate in the year to come to contribute in narrowing this gap.

The first Bridge Building Conference was held in May 2014. At the conference, many issues were raised such as the lack of practical focus in the educational system, weak soft- and communicative skills among students, too few internship programmes and the need for more career guidance for students to mention a few.
To address these issues, conference participants came up with a variety of solutions such as the establishment of career guidance centres at universities and formalised cooperation between universities and private companies to establish internship programmes.

Participants expressed great satisfaction with the outcome of the day and DJUCO are now taking steps to ensure future cooperation with and between participants and thereby hopefully the implementation of some of the suggested projects.

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