DJUCO Partnership's focus is an academic cooperation between University of Southern Denmark and universities and private companies in Jordan and Denmark.

DJUCO Partnership is based at Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies at University of Southern Denmark and it holds an office in Amman from where its activities mainly are carried out. The office hosts meetings, study nights, workshops, debates and similar events.

Through different activities, DJUCO Partnership has since its start in 2009 sought to build bridges between educational cultures and strengthen the dialogue, understanding and cooperation between Denmark and Jordan.

The partnership facilitates dialogue and exchange between people who operate within academic contexts: i.e. students, PhD's, graduates and scholars. This is done through a joint educational program and international conferences, where the aim is to cooperate on joint publications to be published mainly in international journals.

Furthermore, the partnership has since 2012 gradually implemented activities, mainly in Jordan, which aim at partly bridging the gap between the Jordanian educational system’s output of graduates and the labour market’s demand for a qualified labour force and partly strengthening the academic environment at the Jordanian universities.

Mission Statement

Danish - Jordanian University Cooperation (DJUCO) aims at enhancing dialogue between educational cultures.

DJUCO Partnership is part of the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme

DJUCO Partnership is one of several partnerships under the Danish-Jordanian Partnership Program, which was signed between the Danish and the Jordanian Government in August 2005. The Danish-Jordanian Partnership is part of the broader Danish-Arab Partnership Programme, which was launched in 2003, covering several countries in the MENA-region.


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