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The Governing Body

As a unique feature in a university context, the Centre for Journalism has a so-called Governing Body, which meets about four times a year. The Governing Body’s members represent the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities, the staff, the students and the media industry. The chair of the Governing Body is appointed by the university’s Vice Chancellor. The other media representatives are appointed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the Association of Danish Media, the Danish Union of Journalists, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and the television channel TV2 in association with TV2’s regional branches.

Thus from the outset the Governing Body has been composed in such a way as to ensure extensive interaction with employers of journalism graduates. Moreover, with its formalised meetings – and formalised veto rights on appointments to the post of centre director – the Governing Body in practice functions as a formal advisory board of employers, giving Denmark’s media companies and other employers regular contact with the programme and a very significant impact, both direct and indirect, on the Centre’s management, staff, programme content, research focus, etc.

At its quarterly meetings, the Governing Body discusses everything from teaching, research, and other important aspects of the centre’s study programmes, development and exploratory projects.

The Governing Body meets twice per semester.


Phone: (+45) 65 50 28 55