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Thanks to a generous donation from Den Fynske Bladfond foundation – which owns Fyens Stiftstidende newspaper – you now have the chance to become a fellow on a journalism programme in Odense. Our next fellow will receive DKK 500,000, to be used to reduce your workload in your current workplace for six months, to cover travel expenses, and more.

The former recipients of the fellowship grant are Jens Oluf Jersild, Mette Davidsen-Nielsen, Per Knudsen, Jakob Elkjær, Jesper Tynell, Kurt Westh Nielsen and most recently Charlotte Aagaard. They have all spent an autumn semester at the University of Southern Denmark’s Centre for Journalism from August to the end of January in order to pursue their own dream projects – and the next fellows will have the chance to do the same.


The journalist fellowship is a journalism award which has been given out by the Centre for Journalism at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense since 2006.

The fellowship, often called “the industry’s largest journalism award”, is awarded annually to a prominent journalist or editor who can contribute to the training and development of future journalists. During their fellowship, several past recipients have written books, held seminars for industry practitioners or in other ways shared their newly acquired knowledge with a range of current and future journalists and editors.

The journalism fellowship at the University of Southern Denmark consists of a grant of DKK 500,000. It allows recipients to take a leave of absence from their work and immerse themselves in a subject of their choice. At the same time, the fellow is given free access to the knowledge bank that is the university.

In its first four years, this impressive grant was donated by the Aarhus Stiftstidende Fond foundation, but from 2010 it was jointly sponsored by the Aarhus Stiftstidende Fond foundation, Den Fynske Bladfond foundation and the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark.

Since 2011 Den Fynske Bladfond foundation – owner of Fyens Stiftstidende newspaper – has generously donated the fellowship grant, which for this reason has changed its name to Fyens Stiftstidende’s Fellowship.


If you would like to know more about Fyens Stiftstidende’s Fellowship, please contact the chair of the Governing Body of the Centre for Journalism, chief editor of Fyens Stiftstidende Per Westergård on tel. (+45) 28 10 95 00, or Centre Director Peter Bro on tel. (+45) 40 22 76 37.

More information is available on the Danish website