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Media research has been done in Denmark for several decades, primarily by researchers from the humanities. Journalism research is a more recent phenomenon, programmes in journalism having been taught only outside the university system until recently. In this way, the Centre for Journalism stands for a new and, in Denmark, unique approach to both teaching and research in journalism both through its organizational attachment to the University of Southern Denmark and to the Faculty of Business and Social Science.

Research at the Centre for Journalism is organized around two intertwined research groups, one focusing on journalistic language and rhetoric, the other on the social, societal and political aspects of journalism. Both research areas have been boosted considerably with large external funding, including funding from private media funds.

International outlook

The Centre for Journalism has developed strong ties to communications and journalism research institutions abroad, and staff members are engaged in a number of international research networks. In recent years, our researchers have published in international peer-reviewed journals such as Journalism, Journalism Studies, Journalism Practice, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Communication, Political Communication, International Journal of Press/Politics, European Journal of Communication, Communication Methods and Measures, European Journal of Political Research, and Party Politics.

They also disseminate their research results to a broad Danish audience. To facilitate such research dissemination, Centre for Journalism has launched two Danish language book series in cooperation with the University Press of Southern Denmark: One on Media Language and one on Journalism and Society. The Centre for Journalism staff actively engage in dialogue with the Danish media by disseminating research results, for instance in various media outlets, at journalist conferences, and by offering extension courses for Danish journalists.

Our research areas and projects

Research at the Centre for Journalism focuses on the following intertwined research areas:

  • Journalism in Comparative Perspective 
  • News Production 
  • Media Content and its Effects 
  • Media Language and Rhetoric 
  • Miscellaneous projects 

Follow these links to learn more about the ongoing research projects and the completed research projects.

You can also see the research publications that have been published recently.