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Handbook with suggestions which can promote social inclusion and volunteering in sports clubs



Work package 6

Elaboration of a handbook with suggestions for sports policies, club management and the like, which can promote social inclusion and volunteering in sports Clubs. 

The purpose of this WP is to describe evidence-based policies, organisational structures and cultures as well as 'best practice', which promotes social inclusion and volunteering that can be implemented in both organisations and clubs. The recommendations and proposals in the handbook will be easy to understand and include examples of sports clubs that successfully follow these recommendations and proposals.

This WP is implemented in three stages:

  • In the first stage, the results of the studies and examples of best practice are discussed at a seminar for all the partners in the project with the aim to identify and qualify proposals to promote social inclusion and volunteering in sports clubs.
  • In the second stage, the WP leader prepares a proposal to the content in the handbook in cooperation with the coordinator and leader of the whole project.
  • In the third stage, this proposal is discussed and further qualified in a communication between all the partners of the project.

WP 6 provide a handbook with suggestions for sports policies, club management and the like, supplemented with 'vibrant' and illustrative examples on how selected sports clubs work with social inclusion and volunteering in practise.

This WP is implemented from November 1st 2016 to April 30th 2017.

Three conditions ensure that WP 6 can be implemented in a relatively short time. First, the proposals build on the results of the previous work packages. Second, WP 6 is carried out by persons who have extensive experience in translating the results of studies to specific recommendations. Third, the entire project group is involved in this WP at the fifth seminar. The total budgeted expenditure for this WP is 15,000 Euro (not including expenses for management, coordination, meetings, seminars, etc..) which is equivalent to 2 percent of the total budget.

The success criteria (measurable indicators) for this WP are:
a) The development of a handbook that provide useful and valid suggestions on how social inclusion and volunteering can be strengthened and encouraged in sports clubs across political, social, cultural and sporting differences. The handbook will be targeted at politicians working with sport at both European and national level as well as sports professionals and sports volunteers from sports organisations (April 2016).

Last Updated 25.10.2021