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Process of the SDU Supercomputer Challenge

Workshop 1, 15 March, 9 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.
The companies present their problems in plenum. After the presentations the students can ask questions to each of the companies at a showcase. Later the problems are matched with the interested students, whom form groups, make plans and schedule meetings for developing a solution.

Weeks 11 – 19
The companies will work as project manager for the groups. The closer the contact is between the company and groups, the better results the groups produce, thus the greater the chance for winning the SDU Supercomputer Challenge. We expect companies and groups to meet at least once a week – online or IRL. The students can attend workshops or introductory courses in problem solving, algorithm development and programming.
Workshop 2, 11 May at 9 a.m.
Each of the groups presents its solution before a panel of judges who offers feedback. If the solution is accepted, the group is invited to the semi final.
Weeks 19 – 34
The groups program their solution and once again it is very important for the companies to keep in touch with the groups and manage them through this phase.
Semifinal, 24 August at 9. a.m.
The programs are presented by the individual groups and evaluated. If the presented program can be run on ABACUS 2.0 and is accepted by the judges, the program is scheduled to run in full length on ABACUS 2.0.
Weeks 34 - 45
The programs are run on ABACUS 2.0.
Final, 15 November at 9 a.m.
The groups present their programs at a session similar to an exam, and the judges’ panel declare the winners.

It it no longer possible to sign up for the 2017 SDU Supercomputer Challenge.