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SDU Supercomputer Challenge

SDU Supercomputer Challenge 2017 is a contest in which students from SDU are matched with companies who have complex problems – and work together to resolve them with the aid of SDU’s supercomputer, the ABACUS 2.0.

Innovative solutions to complex problems

 SDU Supercomputer Challenge gives students the opportunity to collaborate with companies to reach a common goal. The idea is to come up with innovative solutions for Danish businesses by way of SDU’s supercomputer, ABACUS. The results of the competition will be a boon for the companies, now as well as in the future; they may win a solution to their problem, and the students win DKK 75,000, split three ways between the winning teams.

A complex problem can entail analysis of human behavior, energy efficiency calculations, algorithms for contract bidding, various simulations, or an overview of enormous amounts of data. Almost any task is imaginable.

Contest for all SDU students

Students from all SDU faculties can participate!

Whether the participating businesses are based on natural sciences or the humanities is not important; the only requirement is that the company is facing a difficult problem, and that the students are prepared to collaborate on what may have seemed like an insurmountable task.

Please note that is is no longer possible to sign up for the 2017 SDU Supercomputer Challenge.


If you would like to know more, please e-mail Project Manager Peter Bækgaard Madsen at or call him at +45 6550 9698. Peter will also be happy to visit your business and tell you more about the SDU Supercomputer Challenge.