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The SDU eScience Center:  a single point of reference for eScience and research e-infrastructure at SDU.  

The Center is structured as a competent research-based organization that has the ownership of the common research infrastructure for eScience , provides user support across the faculties and develops future e-infrastructures and services.

The Center Director is Professor MSO Claudio Pica, email

The Director for Businesss Development & Operations is Wendy Alexandra Engelberts, email

What is eScience?

Data generation and analysis using computational methods are at the heart of all modern science and technology. The explosion of new data comes from two directions: cutting-edge experiments and from in-silico simulation. This discipline of using digital methods for generating ideas and knowledge from data, often referred to as escience, is a key enabling technology for the advanced nations in the 21st century.

E-enabled science is the driving force of the revolutions, innovation and the corresponding advances in technology that lie at the heart of much of modern science.

Modern countries continue to invest huge sums on creating the necessary e-infrastructure to support these developments because of positive return on investment in terms of growth in the industrial and commercial sectors, and the effect of escience on healthcare, transportation, renewable and clean energy, climate modelling and basic science.

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