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#WhanthatAprilleDay16 and #WhanThatAprilleDay17

On the first of April, medievalists the world over celebrate old languages! Here are some of our 2016 and 2017 Twitter contributions via Storify. See our Facebook page for more!



CML and CML members in the news

  • Series of articles at by journalist Mikkel Andreas Beck:
  1. "Ved at passe på fortiden, passer vi også på os selv " Overview article featuring Lars Boje Mortensen, Shazia Jagot, Dale Kedwards, and Réka Forrai
  2. "Nordboere i middelalderen tog på studieophold i udlandet " On international mobility among medieval students, featuring Lars Boje Mortensen
  3. "Fem bøger fra middelalderen, du sagtens kan læse i dag" Five books from the Middle Ages that you can easily read today, featuring Lars Boje Mortensen
  4. "Sådan agerede en spindoktor i 1400-tallet " and in English at Science Nordic Medieval spin doctors and political critics, featuring Kristin Bourassa
  5. "Middelalderens skandinaver troede, at Jorden var rund " and at Jyllands Posten Medieval maps and the round earth, featuring Dale Kedwards

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For more on the CML's outreach, please see our annual reports.

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