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International publications from 2017

International publications from 2017


Farming strategies in a continuously evolving European dairy market – a comparative case study of five different EU countries

Thorsøe, M. H., Noe, E. B., Aubert, P-M., Cherif, O., Treyer, S., Maye, D., Vigani, M., Kirwan, J., Grivins, M., Adamsone-Fiskovica, A., Tisenkopfs, T. & Emi, T., 25. jul. 2017Proceedings of the XXVII Congress. Uneven processes of Rural Change: On Diversity, Knowledge and Justice . Svels, K. (red.). Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University s. 303-304, peer review.

It’s never too late to join the revolution! Enabling new modes of production in the contemporary Danish food system

Thorsøe, M. H., Kjeldsen, C. & Noe, E.2017I : European Planning Studies.257s. 1166 1183 s, peer review.

Performance versus values in sustainability transformation of food systems

Alrøe, H. F., Sautier, M., Legun, K., Whitehead, J., Noe, E., Moller, H. & Manhire, J., 2017I : Sustainability (Switzerland).9331 s., 332, peer review.

The challenge of legitimizing spatially differentiated regulation: Experiences from the implementation of the Danish Buffer zone act

Thorsøe, M. H., Graversgaard, M. & Noe, E.1. mar. 2017I : Land Use Policy.62s. 202-212, peer review.

The hybrid media of economy and moral: A Luhmannian perspective on value-based-food-chains

Laursen, K. B. & Noe, E.1. nov. 2017I : Journal of Rural Studies.56s. 21-29, peer review.

Values and Volume in Sustainable Organic Market Chain: A Multi-perspectival Analysis

Lamine, C. & Noe, E. B.2017I : International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food.241s. 15-36, peer review.

Values-based Food Chains from a Transatlantic Perspective: Exploring a Middle Tier of Agri-food System Development

Ostrom, M., Master, K. D., Noe, E. B. & Schermer, M., 2017I : International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food.241s. 1-14, peer review.

Local democracy in large municipalities: co-creating democracy and rural development through multi-level participation structures and local development plans

Bidragets oversatte titel: Lokaldemokrati i store kommuner: samskabelse af demokrati og landdistriktsudvikling gennem flerniveau-deltagelsesstrukturer og lokale udviklingsplanerThuesen, A. A.maj 2017I : Town Planning Review.883s. 327-348, peer review.

The importance of destination attractiveness and entrepreneurial orientation in explaining firm performance in the Sardinian accommodation sector

Fadda, N. & Sørensen, J. F. L.2017I : International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.296s. 1684-1702, peer review.


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