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International publications published in 2014

Hjalager, A-M. (2014) Disruptive and sustaining innovations: the case of rural tourism”.  Handbook of research on innovation in tourism industries. Alsos, G. A., Eide, D. & Madsen, E. L. (red.). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, Incorporated, Kap. 3, s. 56-83.

Nielsen, A. L. & Pedersen, J. S. (2014) “Has the Competition among Professions in the Nordic Welfare States Intensified? A Danish Case” Nordicum - Mediterraneum. Volume 9, no. 3.

Svendsen, G. L. H. & Svendsen, G. T. (2014) “From Vikings to welfare: Early state building and social trust in Scandinavia”. To be resubmitted to Journal of Historical Sociology.

Lindhardt, M. (red) (2014) Pentecostalism in Africa: Presence and impact of Pneumatic Christanity in Postcolonial SocietiesBrill Academic Publishers, Incorporated  (in press).

Lindhardt, M. (2014) “Continuity, Change or Coevalness.: Charismatic Christianity and Tradition in Tanzania”. Martin Lindhardt (red): Pentecostalism in Africa: Presence and Impact of Pneumatic Christianity in postcolonial societies. brill, Kap. 7, s. 163-190 (in press).

Lindhardt, M. (2014) “Introduction: Presence and impact of pentecostal-charsimatic Christianity in Africa”. Martin Lindhardt (red.) Pentecostalism in Africa: Presence and Impact of Pneumatic Christianity in Postcolonial Societies. Kap. 1, s. 1-53 (in press).

Lindhardt, M. (2014) ”El fin se acerca: Historia y escatología en el pentecostalismo “tradicional” chileno”. I : Cultura y Religión. Revista de Sociedades en Transformación. s. vol 8 (1) 142-161.

Lindhardt, M. & J. Thorsen (2014) “Christianity in Latin America: Struggle and Accomodation”. Handbook of Global Christianity. Redigeret af Stephen Hunt. . Brill Academic Publishers, Incorporated (forthcoming)

Lindhardt, M. (2014) "Miracle Makers and Money Takers. Healers, Prosperity Preachers and Fraud in Contemporary Tanzania”. In Good Faith: Minority Religions and Fraud, redigeret af Amanda van Eck. Ashgate, Kap. 8, s. 153-170 (in press).

Lindhardt, M. (2014) “What is the matter with that Money? Materiality, Mediation and Spiritual Warfare in Tanzanian Charismatic Christianity”. The Anthropology of Global pentecostalism and Evangelism, Redigeret af Simon Coleman og Rosalind Hackett. New York University Press (in press).

Johansen, P. H. (2014) “Green Care - Social Entrepreneurs in the Agricultural Sector”. Social Enterprise Journal (forthcoming).

Teilmann, K. A. & Thuesen, A. A. (2014) “Important Types of LAG–Municipality Interaction When Collaborating on Rural Development: Lessons from Danish LEADER LAGs”. International Journal of Rural Management. 10, 1, s. 21-45.

Sørensen, J. F. L. (2014) “The impact of residential environment reputation on residential environment choices”. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment (forthcoming).

Sørensen, J. F. L. (2014) “Rural-urban differences in life satisfaction: Evidence from the European Union”. Regional Studies. 48, 9, s. 1451-1466.

Sørensen, J. F. L. (2014) “Rural-urban differences in bonding and bridging social capital”. Regional Studies (forthcoming).

Brink, T. (2014) “The impact on growth of outside-in and inside-out innovation in SME networks”. International Journal of Innovation Management. 18, 4, s. 1-34 25.

Brink, T. (2014) “Passion and Compassion Represent Dualities for Growth”. International Journal of Organisational Analysis (in press).

Fersch, B. (2014) “Expectations towards home care re-ablement in Danish municipalities”. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy(forthcoming).


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