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International publications published in 2013

Fersch, B. (2013) “Meaning: lost, found or 'made' in translation?: A hermeneutical approach to cross-language interview research”. Qualitative studies. 4, 2, s. 86-99.

Svendsen, G.L.H. (2013) Associational autonomy or political influence? The case of the cooperation between the Danish Dairies’ Buttermark Association and the Danish state, 1900-1912Business History (in press).

Thuesen, A.A. (2013) Experiencing Multi-Level Meta-GovernanceLocal Government Studies 39(4), 600-623.

Hjalager, A-M. & Johansen, P.H. (2013) Food tourism in protected areas: Sustainability for producers, the environment and tourism? Journal of Sustainable Tourism 21(3), 417-433.

Jensen, J. M. & Hjalager, A-M. (2013) The role of demographics and travel motivation in travellers’ use of the Internet before, during, and after a tripInternational Journal of Tourism Policy. Vol. 5(1/2), 34-58.

Publikation: Johansen, P.H. (2013) Contemporary Rural Imitation - A Tardean analysis of five Danish rural parishesSocial & Cultural Geography14(1), 80-102.

Svendsen, G.L.H. (2013) Public libraries as breeding grounds for bonding, bridging and institutional social capital: The case of branch libraries in Denmark. Sociologia Ruralis 53(1), 52-73.

Brink, T. & Svendsen, G.L.H. (2013) Social capital or waste of time?: Social network, social capital and 'uncontentional alliances' among Danish rural entrepreneurs. Business and Management Research 2(1), 55-68.

Pedersen, K., Svendsen, G. T. & Svendsen, G.L.H. (2013) The volatility of multinational enterprises and social capital as location factor: A review. Business and Management Research 2(3), 81-89.

Svendsen, G.L.H. & Waldstrøm, C. (2013) Organizational networks and social capital. In: Caulkins, D.D. & Jordan, A.T. (Eds.) A Companion to Organizational Anthropology, pp. 311-328. Malden, USA, Oxford, UK & Chicester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.

Martin Lindhardt (2013) Pentecostalism and politics in Neoliberal Chile. Iberoamericano. Nordic Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, VOL. XLII: 1-2, 59-83.

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