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International publications published in the years 2012 - 2016


Agriculture and bio based economy a driver of rural transformation and livelihood?

Noe, E.2016, peer review.

Cultivating market relations: diversification in the Danish organic production sector following market expansion

Thorsøe, M. H. & Noe, E.2016I : Sociologia Ruralis.563s. 331-348, peer review.

Opportunities and challenges for multicriteria assessment of food system sustainability

Alrøe, H. F., Moller, H., Læssøe, J. & Noe, E.24. mar. 2016I : Ecology and Society.211, 38, peer review. 

Sustainability assessment and complementarity

Alrøe, H. F. & Noe, E.2016I : Ecology and Society.211, 30, peer review.

What is perceived as a good financial strategy for the farmer? financial discourses in the Danish agro-food sector

Thorsøe, M. H. & Noe, E.2016

Trust, Social Capital and the Scandinavian Welfare State: Explaining the Flight of the Bumblebee

Svendsen, G. L. H. & Svendsen, G. T., 2016, Cheltenham, UK & Northampton, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing168 s., peer review.

Socialisation or self-interest? Explaining public attitudes towards government support for rural areas

Sørensen, J. F. L. & Svendsen, G. L. H.2016I : Journal of Rural and Community Development.111s. 30-4, peer review.

How did Trade Norms Evolve in Scandinavia? Long-Distance Trade and Social Trust in the Viking Age

Svendsen, G. L. H. & Svendsen, G. T., 2016I : Economic Systems.402s. 198-205, peer review.

Homo Voluntarius and the Rural Idyll: Voluntary Work, Trust and Solidarity in Rural and Urban Areas

Svendsen, G. L. H. & Svendsen, G. T., 2016I : Journal of Rural and Community Development.111s. 56-72, peer review.

Identifying social innovations in European local rural Development initiatives

Bosworth, G., Rizzo, F., Marquardt, D., Strijker, D., Haartsen, T. & Thuesen, A. A.2016I : Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research.294s. 442-461, peer review.

Gender and rural governance

Thuesen, A. A.maj 2016Routledge International Handbook of Rural Studies. Shucksmith, M. & Brown, D. L. (red.). Taylor & Franciss. 379-388 (Routledge International Handbooks), peer review

Rural–Urban Differences in Bonding and Bridging Social Capital

Sørensen, J. F. L.2016I : Regional Studies.503s. 391-410, peer review.

The aurally construction of rurality - the case of North-Norway

Johansen, P. H.1. apr. 2016, peer review.



Conflicting Perspectives: A scientific and democratic challenge

Alrøe, H.F. & Noe, E., 2015, Conflicting Systems: observed with Social Systems Thory. 10.s.

Full case study report: Gram Slot/Rema1000 - Denmark

Laursen, K. B., Noe, E. & Kjeldsen, C., 2015.

Knowledge Asymmetries Between Research and Practice: A Social Systems Approach to Implementation Barriers in Organic Arable Farming

Noe, E., Alrøe, H. F., Thorsøe, M. H., Olesen, J. E., Sørensen, P., Melander, B. & Fog, E., 2015I : Sociologia Ruralis.554s. 460-482, peer review.

New forms of partnerships in food chains

Laursen, K. B. & Noe, E.1. aug. 2015XXVI European Society for Rural Sociology Congress.European Society for Rural Sociologys. 87-882 s, peer review.

Regulation of Agroecosystems: A Social Systems Analysis of Agroecology and Law

Noe, E. & Alrøe, H. F., 2015Law and Agroecology: A Transdisciplinary Dialogue. Monteduro, M., Boungiorno, P., Di Benedetto, S. & Isoni, A. (red.). Springer VSs. 31-45, peer review.

Sustainable agriculture issues explained by differentiation and structural coupling using social systems analysis

Noe, E. & Alrøe, H. F., 2015I : Agronomy for Sustainable Development.351s. 133-144, peer review.

The Danish Food Communities - Denmark

Kjeldsen, C., Noe, E. & Laursen, K. B., 2015.

Values-based food chains: Recoupling man and soil?

Noe, E., Bjørkhaug, H., Kvam, G-T. & Kjeldsen, C., 18. aug. 2015XXVI European Society for Rural Sociology Congress.European Society for Rural Sociologys. 122-123, peer review.

The Puzzle of the Scandinavian Welfare State and Social Trust

Svendsen, G. L. H. & Svendsen, G. T., 2015I : Issues in Social Science.32s. 90-99, peer review.

The Democratic Capabilities of and Rhetoric on LEADER LAGs in the EU: The Danish Case

Thuesen, A. A.apr. 2015Evaluating the European Approach to Rural Development: Grass-roots Experiences of the LEADER Programme. Granberg, L., Andersson, K. & Kovách, I. (red.). Ashgates. 79-93 (Perspectives on Rural Policy and Planning), peer review.

Questioning the Gender Distribution in Danish LEADER LAGs

Thuesen, A. A. & Derkzen, P., apr. 2015Evaluating the European Approach to Rural Development: Grass-roots Experiences of the LEADER Programme. Granberg, L., Andersson, K. & Kovách, I. (red.). Ashgates. 127-147 (Perspectives on Rural Policy and Planning), peer review.

Danish rural areas’ readiness for joint action as a proxy for the potential for co-production

Thuesen, A. A. & Rasmussen, H. B.2015I : Journal of Rural and Community Development.101s. 32-55, peer review.

Predicting the gross domestic product (GDP) of 289 NUTS regions in Europe with subjective indicators for human and social capital

Weckroth, M., Kemppainen, T. & Sørensen, J. F. L.2015I : Regional Studies, Regional Science.21s. 311-330, peer review.

Mechanisms of power in participatory rural planning

Johansen, P. H. & Chandler, T. L., 2015I : Journal of Rural Studies.40s. 12-20, peer review.

Informing regional food innovation through lead user experiments: The case of blue mussels

Hjalager, A-M.Johansen, P. H. & Rasmussen, B., nov. 2015I : British Food Journal.11711s. 2706-2723, peer review.

The impact of residential environment reputation on residential environment choices

Sørensen, J. F. L.2015I : Journal of Housing and the Built Environment.303s. 403-425, peer review.



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