International research collaboration and ongoing projects

Quality of life in peripheral areas and rural districts

The project is to research what gives people in peripheral areas their high quality of life. I Denmark people have a higher quality of life in the countryside than in the cities, but we do not know much about why. The new knowledge can help improve the quality of life for all Danes – both in the city and in the countryside. Researchers from University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University and the University of Copenhagen are part of the project. The research project extends over four years and runs until January 2022. Read more about the project on the RealDania website(Danish).

Development jointly between local communities and municipalities

The purpose of this project is to investigate the democracy of the local communities and the development possibilities at submunicipality level in the rural areas of Denmark with a specific focus on the relationship between the municipality and the local community. Contact persons Annette Aagaard Thuesen, and Klaus Levinsen,  Read more about the project.

Relocations of governmental jobs at and the development of local labour market in rural areas

The project focuses on the meaning of governmental jobs and the changes it creates to the local employment in rural areas. Read more about the project.

LUP on local commitment to nature

The Project is to research and test methods for how the municipalities can be involved in supporting the outdoor life in the countryside. The focus is on both the volunteers, who are formally organized in associations and community councils, and on unorganized volunteers who launch or participate in activities. Friluftsrådet has granted 1.9 million DKK to the project. Read more about the project.

Integration of village development and agriculture

The project investigates agriculture's importance in local areas divided into small local plants and major production-oriented plants. Contact person: Pia Heike Johansen,  Read more about the project.

LUP on health

The projects wants to examine what happens when local community development plans (LUPs) make a choice to work strategically and purposefully to strengthen health, well-being and safety. In addition to that there is a focus on how such an effort can be strengthened by active collaboration between municipality and the local community. Trafik-, Bygge og Boligstyrelsen has granted 600.000 kr. to SDU, Centre for Rural Research for the implementation og the delvelopment project ”V ser med LUP på sundhed”. Annette Aagaard Thuesen is the contact person on the project

Living with dementia

This project is a cross-disciplinary Citizen Science-project between SDU and the Dementia clinic (Odense University Hospital (OUH). Dementia is a cronical desease. It is estimated that up to 87,000 citizens and their relatives will have to live with dementia in various degrees. It is expected that this number will be higher as life expectancy is increasing. This is a challenge for municipalities and health authories - not least in rural areas. Contact persons: Egon Noe, and Pernille Tangaard Andersen, Read more about the project.

  • TObeWELL – a COST project about tourism, wellbeing and ecosystems services
  • Prowell – a project about tourism in rural areas
  • Oplevelser i Nord. Outdoor recreation, tourism and knowledge-based value creation in Northern Europe
  • Citizen-driven innovation and local village action plans for rural areas - Mapping of the cooperation and development of a model, read more
  • Questionnaire survey: Danish rural-urban barometer, read more
  • The housing market in remote areas, read more

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