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Local differences

The development in the rural areas differs a lot, not only between the rural outskirts and the peripheral rural areas, but also within these two main categories.

Some parishes and local communities are influenced by an active civil society and make progress in settlement and employment while others are characterized by decline and a less active civil society.

As related to the local and national rural policy, it is vital to find the core to what creates a positive development spiral. At the same time, other local societies may hopefully be inspired by what processes stimulate development.

The project is supported by the Danish Rural Area Programme established by the Danish Ministry of Interior and Health. We have studied four parishes in positive development: the parishes of Karby and Klitmoeller in the County of Viborg, and the parish of Skuldelev and the village of Torup in the County of Frederiksborg.

During the project, we have used information from a number of local contact persons and others who are also our sparring partners.

The results from the project will be included in a PhD thesis by Pia Heike Johansen (finalized mid-2007). Furthermore, the project participants have published and are publishing articles in Danish and English. The results will also be drawn together in an easily understood brochure.

Finally, it is intended that Danish and foreign analyses of local differences will be published in an English-language anthology in 2007.

Contact person:
Pia Heike Johansen, post doc., or tel. +45 6550 4224.

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