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The impact of broadband on rural development

With the support of Syd Energi A/S, IFUL initiated a project studying the developmental consequences of the diffusion of broadband in rural areas. The purpose of the research was twofold:

  • To uncover existing knowledge of the effects on broadband connections, both nationally and internationally
  • To discuss how possibilities are best put into use in the geographical area covered by Syd Energi

The research purpose reflected the fact that a great part of existing research primarily focus on technological and economical advantages of establishing broadband connection and only scarce knowledge exists on social and personal outcome of such connections. Therefore, this research attempted to broaden the perspective on broadband technology. This was facilitated through a number of central research themes such as wealth, welfare, innovation as well as in the realm of three selected actor types: the public, the firm and the individual. All perspectives were used to forecast the potential impact of broadband on rural development.

IFUL's contribution was initiated in March and finished in June 2007.

Contact persons:
Flemming Just, or tel. +45 6550 4220
Jean-Paul de Cros Péronard, or tel. +45 6550 2747

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