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Summary of Working Paper 09/2010

This report reviews Statistics Denmark’s micro data to which CLF has access. The data set comprises two types of data pertaining to individuals and businesses.

The personal data set covers demographic variables (e.g. address, gender, age, marital status, and nationality), socio-economic variables (employment, income, level of education),  housing conditions (e.g. status as homeowner or tenant) and employment (including sector of employment and work place address).

Similarly, company data covers such variables as work place address, industrial classification code, legal form, size (in terms of employment and turnover), economic performance (turnover, profits, assets, equity etc.) and energy consumption.

The report sketches some examples of types of analysis that might be conducted on the basis of Statistics Denmark’s micro data set.

Finally, the conditions for using the data are presented. In particular, it is an important requirement that readers should never be able to extract any information on specific individuals or companies.