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CLF Working Papers

In Denmark and internationally, we address research milieus and organisations, decision makers, administrators, and everybody else who work within rural and regional development. 

Working Papers:

No. 09/2010
Database on the development in rural areas
(Database om udviklingen i landdistrikterne)
By Villy Søgaard
Pdf (only in Danish)         English summary

No. 08/2010
"Town of Mussels". A Danish case study on place branding, food festivals and community identity
By Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt
Pdf (in English) 

No. 07/2009
Ideas & Control: A case on how organizing can enable innovation in a network
By Tove Brink
Pdf (in English) 

No. 6/2009
Counterurbanization. A literature study.
By Szilvia Hosszü
Pdf (in English)

No. 5/2008
Regional interdependency in knowledge society and experience economy seen from a rural perspective (Abstract in English)
(Regional afhængighed i vidensamfundet og oplevelsesøkonomien set fra et landdistriktsperspektiv)
By Pia Heike Johansen 
Pdf (only in Danish)      English Summary

No. 4/2008
Ideas and fracture surfaces: How can organizing enable innovation in a network?
(Ideer og brudflader: Hvordan kan organisering fremme innovationen i et netværk?)
By Tove Brink 
Pdf (only in Danish)      English Summary

No. 3/2008
The significance of the public sector in rural districts
(Den offentlige sektors betydning for landdistrikterne)
By Klaus Lindegaard 
Pdf (only in Danish)      English Summary

No. 02/2007
Rural migration and health care: A review of the literature 
By Marit Vatn Jensen & Gunnar Lind Haase Svendsen 
Pdf (in English)

No. 01/2007
Subsidy programs in rural Denmark:
To whom and for which purpose?
By Lise Thomsen and Hanne W. Tanvig 
Pdf (in English)     

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