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Profile description of the research at The Centre for Border Region Studies

Research focus
The Centre for Border Region Studies (CBRS) is a regionally based and internationally oriented cross-faculty research centre. Since 1976 the Danish-German border region and the German national minority have been our main research areas. Gradually, the focus has expanded to include a more general interest in historic and contemporary aspects of European borders and border regions. Profiting from the different backgrounds and approaches of the staff, the Centre for Border Region Studies covers a range of issues in the growing field of border studies. The disciplines represented at the Centre are political science, geography, anthropology and history. The competencies and interests can be defined within four areas:
The changing role and function of borders and border regions
Contemporary European border regions: Conflicts and cooperation
The role of (border) regions and the EU
Minorities in European border regions

The Centre for Border Region Studies brings together scholars from different disciplines with a common research interest. They all use mostly qualitative methods and approaches of their disciplines within the social sciences or the humanities. The Centre promotes an interdisciplinary, comparative and relational approach to border regions that makes it possible to combine and profit from the different disciplines.

 Knowledge Exchange
The Centre for Border Region Studies continue a long tradition for close contacts and exchange with the society around. In general the research themes appeal to a broader public in a region with a strong sense of history and a lively participation in the developments of the local border. We have a close and very fruitful cooperation with regional stakeholders like museums, archives and Folkeuniversitetet, and we bring our research into the public debate about political and historical issues in the border region. This includes co-organized exhibitions, public seminars about border or regional issues, biannual conferences in cooperation with the German minority, cross-border events, and the publication of a popular science magazine three times a year containing research results presented to a broader public.

 Study programme
The Centre for Border Region Studies is responsible for an international bachelor programme in European Studies in Sønderborg, Denmark. The programme, exclusively taught in English, is dedicated to themes relevant within the social sciences. It has a clear profile in European regional politics and cooperation. It attracts a large number of foreign students from many European countries.

Last Updated 22.08.2016