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New students

Contents of the programme
Interdisciplinary programme with a special focus on European affairs:

  • European Institutions
  • European Politics and Law
  • Economics and Regional Development
  • History and Culture

Career opportunities
Job opportunities for graduates in European Studies can be found within a wide ranging labour market which is expected to grow significantly. There will be employment opportunities in Europe in private business and organisations, public institutions and government agencies at the regional or national level, and globally in connection with project development and other assignments where graduates with an insight into regional and European problems are needed.

Study structure
The European Studies programme is international and appeals to students from all over Europe – and from other continents as well. All classes are taught in English and study materials are in English. The Bachelor of Science in European Studies programme consists of 6 semesters – with about 15 tuition sessions per week. As a student, you are the person in charge of acquiring skills and knowledge. Read more about the structure of the programme here.

5th semester
In the 5th semester, students are encouraged to study abroad in our partner universities or to take an internship in a private or public institution (many of our students choose EU institutions but also national and regional organisations).

Below  you can see videos of students who tell about the education in European Studies and the educational environmnent at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg.

 Read more about the Bachelor of Science in European Studies here.

Last Updated 22.08.2016