Biomolecular Nanoscale Engineering Center - BioNEC

BioNEC (Biomolecular Nanoscale Engineering Center) is a joint Research Center of excellence between SDU, KU and AU established in August 2012, based on fundings from VILLUM FOUNDATION for studies on Nanoscale Engineering.

The vision of BioNEC is to revolutionize bottom-up nanoscale engineering by integrating state-of-the-art lipid, peptide and carbohydrate chemistry with nucleic acid based self-assembly. We will design and synthesize building blocks for controlled assembly of unique and functional nanostructures in solution, on surfaces, and on cells. Within BioNEC, the assembled nanostructures will be explored to solve concrete scientific challenges relating to synthetic chemistry and biological recognition processes.



The center is based on a strong scientific foundation offered by the following four research groups:


 - Professor Jesper Wengel (University of Southern Denmark) - Nucleic acid chemistry and functional DNA nanostructures;

 - Associate Professor Stefan Vogel (University of Southern Denmark) - Lipid chemistry, bioconjugates and nanoparticles;

 - Professor Knud Jensen (University of Copenhagen) - Peptide chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry and nanostructures;

 - Professor Jørgen Kjems (Aarhus University) - DNA nanotechnology, nanobiology and structural studies;

- Associate Professor Nikos Hatzakis (University of Copenhagen) - Membrane biophysics, single molecule characterization.

4th BioNEC Mini-Symposium on Biomolecular Synthesis and Nanotechnology

Tuesday november 6, 2018, DGI-byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 Copenhagen V Organizers: Knud J. Jensen, KU and Jesper Wengel, SDU

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