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1. Are you on Facebook?

Yes! The American Studies program has a Facebook page which you can follow. DSAAS (the American Studies student society) also has a Facebook page, where events are posted.

2. What is the American Studies Forum?

The American Studies Forum is accessed through the SDU intra-net Blackboard and is for enrolled students only. Here you will find a large collection of primary sources related to American history, litterature, culture, politics etc. Furthermore, there is advice for writing papers, how to do oral exams, sample exam questions and much more.

3. How much will I be at the university?

Each semester, you will typically take 5-6 different courses – approximately 12-14 hours a week.

4. What’s the course load like?

Reading varies depending on the course. Some courses have a somewhat heavier load of 50-60 pages a week, others less. There may be assignments to hand in or oral presentations to prepare, but most preparatory work is in the reading.

5. Is it expensive to get books?

Expect to spend about 1000-1500 DKK/term. Often, older students are willing to sell their books, saving you some money. Some semesters are pricy, and others rather cheap.

6. What about the social life in the American Studies program?

We have a student society, The Danish Student Association of American Studies (DSAAS). You can become a board member in DSAAS and help plan all of the activities they arrange, such as Thanksgiving, Election and Oscar nights, or you can just participate in these events. We also have a strong social connection with the English program, and share a party committee with them. This means that most parties are held with the English majors.

7. What about when I finish my degree? What sort of job can I get?

Graduates from the MA degree are employed in numerous fields – communication, education, guidance counseling, embassy work and in a range of different places. Your opportunities are endless, and you can do a lot to improve your chances of getting the job you want – study abroad, intern, join the student association, volunteer, or maybe get a job relevant to your studies.

8. Study abroad you say – when and how?

The BA program aims to send students abroad in the 4th semester, the MA program during the 9th. The American Studies program currently presents opportunities to study abroad in Europe as well as Canada and the US, providing a chance for students to study America from within, or from an outsider perspective.

9. How many students are there?

The BA class is typically 50-60 students. The MA program normally has 25-40 students.

10. Are there students of all ages?

The BA program usually attracts students in the age range of 19-24 and the MA program is typically 25+, but in both programs you will also find younger and older students.

11. What kinds of courses do I need to take?

You can read all about the required courses in the program curriculum here (BA) and here (MA)
The courses focus on literary, cultural, political and historical perspectives of American society. You will also have the opportunity to do electives, making it possible to go in a certain direction, or focus on what you find most interesting.

12. Is it difficult to get accepted into the program?

The requirements for the BA program are listed here. For the MA degree, the requirement is a relevant BA degree. You can read more about it here.

13. What about classes – is it all just boring talk about the Civil War?

No! Though many of the classes are actual lectures, a majority of the professors will encourage active participation by their students. In some classes, active participation is a requisite for passing the course. Most professors are very skilled in using media such as youtube, powerpoint and the web, making classes interesting and varied.

14. What sort of help can I get if I have a problem with the program, or need advise?

You can visit the student advisor (see contact information here). The student advisors are fellow American Studies students (or English students) who have been trained to provide you with advise and assistance during your studies. You can also visit all of the general assistance services provided by the university, such as the guidance counselors, the career centre, the International office, or other services.

15. What kind of exams will I have to take?

In the BA as well as the MA program, you will take written exams, take-home assignments, and oral exams. You can see which exams belong to which courses in the program curriculum (Studieordning).

16. What is your introduction program like?

The past few years, the English and American Studies program have joined forces in the introductory program. Parts of the introductory week are separate; others with the English majors. We spend a couple of days introducing you to the university, your teachers, student advisors, classes, and tutors. In the evenings, we usually have social activities such as dinners and parties. You will be put on a ‘Rushold’, which will be like your family for the first couple of weeks – you will have three tutors assigned to the Rushold, and these will make sure that you are not too confused during your introduction to the university. A weekend in August or early September, you will have the opportunity to go on an introductory trip (Rustur) with your new fellow students.

If you have any further questions about studying at the American Studies program, please contact the student advisor at



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