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Working Environment Group

Working Environment representatives

Laboratory Technician Anita Lunding (AL)
Academic employee Ditte Neess Petersen (DNP)
Academic employee  Eva Christina Østerlund (ECØ)
Laboratory Technician Mogens Møller Nielsen (MMN)
Academic employee Ronni Nielsen (RN)
Laboratory Technician Simon Rose (RS)
Laboratory Technician Tina Holm Svenstrup (THS) 
Working Environment assistant Lone Sundahl (LS)


Head of Department Jakob Møller-Jensen (JMJ)

Working Environment- and Safety Coordinator

Special consultant Marianne Due (MDU)

Student Environment representatives

Emma Holst Bay (EHB)
Andreas Bechmann Sørensen (ABS)
Stine Degn Espersen (SDE)


Agendas and Notes are available on SDUnet (only for employees).