Internship cooperation

Internship Creates Coherence
The engineering internship is a standard, integrated part of all B.Eng. study programmes. Usually, the internship takes place in the sixth semester in a company either in Denmark or abroad.
The internship relates theory and practice – during the internship the student is given an opportunity to test and develop his or her knowledge in cooperation with a specific company with actual problems. Thus, the internship is often the beginning of a professional relationship, which may result in future collaborative project work and in several cases in a permanent attachment.

Internship Concept
The internship concept for the B.Eng. study programmes of the University of Southern Denmark is the overall policy of the Faculty of Engineering in this area and it describes the strategic and organisational framework for the procedure. For more information se The internship concept.

Additional Information 

Please contact Innovation Advisor Lone Søvad Madsen (Odense) on tel. +45 6550 9644, email or Bente Olsen (Sønderborg) on tel. +45 6550 1601, email, if you need a student intern or for further information.

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