Curious today – Partner tomorrow?

Curious today – Partner tomorrow?

With a growing interest in the robot-laboratories at SDU, we have decided to open our doors twice a year.

We are inviting the entire robot industry and others with interested in our labs and our work, to participate in presentations and discussions about potential collaboration in the future, as well as networking in the our robot labs - Starting in the SDU Industry 4.0 lab.

Researchers, students and current partners will from time to time present different projects and give tours of our labs.  Moreover, you will gain knowledge about, how your company can collaborate with SDU, and gain access to first class research and knowledge from the foremost academic experts within the field of robotics.

After the presentations there will be amble time for networking, both with the staff and students at SDU, our current partners and the other participants

Participate is free, however the number of participants is strictly limited.
Please select a date above, explore the program, and secure your participation by registering today.

We look forward to see you!

Invitation for the event can be found here

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact 

Morten Berenth Nielsen
+45 93507313

The event is held in cooperation with Robocluster that is financed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Region of Southern Denmark.







Previous events: 

June 18th 2020

Curious today - Partner tomorrow - event video (official) 

CP (Cyber-Physical) conference concept 

A short meet with Saeed, our I4.0 lab manager showing the industrial part of our I4.0 lab 

Re-meet Saeed in the I4.0 lab showing the research area 

SDU Robotics Professor Henrik Gordon Petersen on large collaborative robots 

Professor Stefano Stramigioli from the RAM laboratory at University of Twente in the Nederland