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TEK startup wins the world champion for early-stage social tech startups!

Competing with 41 different nations to find the most promising early-stage startups, 'humAID' from TEK took first place.

 An idea generated in a bedroom eight months ago now has developed into a World Championship in the category 'early-stage social tech startups' at the Venture Cup World Championship in Shanghai today as "humAID' took first prize.

Founders Mads Lorentzen and Mikkel Bytoft Rasmussen have developed a digital AI-based sign language translation service. It can be used directly on the deaf person's smartphone, allowing for much more flexibility, mobility and many more hours of translation for deaf people. 'humAID' competed against a strong field of startups.

"We cannot believe it. It is a huge honour. We pour our hard work, sweat, and blood into it daily. It makes us so proud and more motivated than ever to keep pushing that we are recognized and awarded," Mads Lorentzen says. 

How are you going to celebrate?
 "We will have a morning glass of champagne Monday with the other startups at SDU and celebrate. Then we will get back to work, as we are currently taking major steps in developing our solution."

Mads Lorentzen sends a special thanks to TEK, RIO and SDU.

"SDU has been our helping hand through the last eight months. Everything we didn't know yet, they could help us with and teach us. The foundation of our technological knowledge was built at TEK, which we use today to try to make the world a better place."

Congratulation to 'humAID' We are now crossing our fingers and looking forward to Saturday, where the overall winner will be announced.
Editing was completed: 06.11.2022