IT at the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering has its own IT Department, which is called TECH-IT. The department is located at Campusvej 55, Building 42, on the 1st floor. TECH-IT is responsible for the PC rooms at the Faculty of Engineering in Odense and for IT facilities for the employees at the faculty. TECH-IT cooperates with the central IT Department, which is called IT-service.

IT-service is responsible for the daily operation, support, maintenance and development of the central and cross systems as well as for security matters in relation to the above. IT-service is to make sure that the IT groundwork such as the basic and central IT infrastructure exists. The department is also responsible for general day-to-day IT operations, which means that the IT services are available for employees and students locally.

Thus, IT-service is responsible for central systems such as emails, e-learning and student administrative systems, user set-up of students, networks and IT in Jutland and at Sealand. 

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