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Ingeniøruddannelserne på SDU. Fotograf Mette Krull

Find your way

The counselling sessions take place in Odense, Campusvej 55 in room Ø31-507b-3

Contact the student counsellors if you…

  • need information about engineering programmes
  • have doubts about your study programme's structure or if it is the right programme for you
  • have doubts about the procedure of credit transfer or applications for the study board
  • have questions regarding rules and procedures in your programme
  • want to improve your study or examination technique
  • run into unexpected obstacles that affect your studies
  • have doubts about your future and career in Denmark
  • just need a talk

Send an E-mail

You can get counselling on all types of questions via email. We will reply to your email as quickly as possible (day to day) but in busy periods, you must expect up to a week in response time. 

Book an Appointment

… For a personal counselling session lasting up to 45 minutes. This is preferred when the issue is of a complex nature that requires time and focus. You can book an appointment for a personal counselling session by sending  an email.

Open Office

Drop by the office if you have minor questions of a general nature. If the door is open, you are welcome.

Telephone Hours

If you seek general information or want to book an appointment, you can call us during the telephone hours. 
Telephone Hours: Monday-Thursday 9.00 - 10.00 

Contact Information

Contact the student counsellors: Dorte Frølund Kromann & Mie Ingemann Fredenslund

Telephone: +45 6550 8665

Subject specific questions

In case of subject specific questions regarding specific courses and course content, you are welcome to contact the coordinator responsible for the programme. If you are a student in Sønderborg, please contact Programme Secretary Birgit Andersen on tel. +45 6550 1634 or email

Practical questions

If you have questions or problems of practical nature, you are always welcome to contact the Student Services in Odense (at the main hallway) and Student Service in Sønderborg (Unit 3) for help. 

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