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Faculty Regulations

Faculty Regulations

This set of regulations lays down the rules and the framework which applies to all students at the Faculty of Engineering – across study programmes and institutes. It is the responsibility of the student to keep abreast of the regulations and procedures for the time being in force.

    -  Faculty Regulations 2014-15 (PDF)

Student Information (Campusvej, Odense) can help with practical matters such as missing student cards, how to use Student Self-Service and Student Information also keeps some of the forms students may need from time to time. Student Information will also be able to refer to the right person if a student does not know to whom he/she should address specific questions. Student Information does not deal with questions concerning the Danish Student Grant Scheme (SU). 

Student Service (Alsion, Sønderborg) will be able to assist students on matters ranging from questions on the Danish Students Grant Scheme (SU) to questions on enrolment, student cards and counselling. 

The Student Counsellor at the Faculty of Engineering can give advice on the regulations which apply to specific studies. The Student Counsellor can inform about procedures concerning for example application for credit transfer and exemptions.

Students are welcome to contact the the General Study Counseling at SDU if they feel a need to talk about other things which make life or study difficult to handle.

A secretary is attached to each of the Faculty’s study programmes. The secretary can answer questions regarding the practical organisation of studies, for example regarding timetables, examination plans and late course registration.

The Faculty of Engineering has appointed a Head of Programme for each of the engineering programmes who is responsible for the coordination of the programme in question and takes part in ensuring the overall development of the programme. The Head of Programme can answer questions pertaining to the programme of academic nature and give advice on the choice of courses for the individual students.

The Academic Study Board of the Faculty of Engineering deals with applications from students for credit transfer and exemptions among other things. Read more about the application procedures in this set of regulations or ask the student counsellor to find out when to apply to the Academic Study Board of the Faculty of Engineering. PhD students must apply elsewhere for credit transfer and exemptions. For further information see the relevant chapter in these regulations.