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First Images From JWST will be released on July 13th at 9PM CEST!

The first images captured by JWST will be shown to the world next week!

When And Where

NASA will broadcast a Science Live program titled Webb's First Full-Color Images Explained on July 13 at 3 p.m. EDT/ 1900 GMT/ 12:30 a.m. IST/ 9 p.m. CEST. The program will stream live on YouTube, link here, NASA Science Live, link here, and other social media websites. Follow along at SDU Galaxy as the links will be shared again. Using the hashtag #UnfoldtheUniverse or by posting a remark in the chat area of the Facebook or YouTube live, viewers may ask questions online. 


What Is James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

The European Space Agency's (ESA) launch facility in French Guiana served as the launch pad for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which was sent into orbit on December 25, 2021. According to NASA, the JWST is a follow-up to the Hubble Telescope rather than its replacement. It is a $10 billion infrared space observatory and is a result of  NASA, ESA, and the Canadian Space Agency working on the JWST, together with more than 300 institutions, organizations, and businesses from 29 U.S. states and 14 other nations. See more here.

What Will It Image

The James Webb Space Telescope will concentrate on four primary topics: the start of the universe, the assembly of galaxies in the early cosmos, the formation of stars and protoplanetary systems, and planets (including the origins of life.) One of the initial missions for the James Webb Space Telescope is a project to utilize Webb to examine the nearby star nursery NGC 1333. The minuscule, dim inhabitants of the star nursery, principally brown dwarfs and rogue planets, which have been challenging to observe with less-powerful telescopes, will be imaged by the worldwide team of scientists. Even though the release of the first images from Webb will be historic, there is still a lot of science to be done.


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