Digital exams at the Faculty of Health Sciences

As of 2013, all written examinations at the Faculty of Health Sciences are conducted digitally using the students’ own computers.

General information for students about digital examination

You are expected to have a computer available; it must be functioning and up to date. In special cases, however, the university may provide a loan computer. For all examinations, it is also expected that students’ computers are capable of connecting to the Eduroam wireless network.

In due time

No later than the weekday before examination

Check your computer for the following:

  • It can access the wireless network, Eduroam. See how to setup your computer for Eduroam:
  • It has a functioning and updated internet browser.
  • That the chosen IT program for your exam is functioning on your computer

If your computer isn't working at all, you can borrow a computer from the Servicedesk. This will be a standard computer: Windows 7, MS Office and MS Internet Explorer. Please contact the Servicedesk no later than the weekday before examination day.

On the day of the examination

  • Read the information carefully
  • Show up one hour before the examination begins for setting up your computer.
  • Bring all necessary cables. You will have access to one 230 V power outlet. Bring a 3 meter extension cord.
  • Turn off any file sharing services, chat forums and other social media – digital communication is considered cheating.

You must be finished setting up your computer half an hour before the examination begins.

Up until half an hour before the examination begins you can ask to borrow a computer if your own doesn't work. Please note, there will only be a few computers available.

Please contact an examination invigilator in case of problems

Rules for conduct in the examination room

  • You are not allowed to leave the examination room in the first and last 30 minutes of the examination
  • When the examination has ended you must leave the room before talking to the other students.
  • Except for your laptop: Turn-off and hand-over your mobile/cell phone, tablet computer and other mobile devices/equipment to the examination monitors. You will be expelled from the examination if your mobile is turned-on or not handed-over to the examination monitor before the examination begins.
    At exams with all aids including internet, you can bring and use your tablet computer as an aid.
  • You can wear headphones to keep out noise but you are not allowed to connect the headphones to any computer, music player or other equipment.
  • Save often during writing your paper
  • If you hand-in before the end of the examination, you are not allowed to take any electronically devises/equipment out of the examination room.
  • The examination invigilator must see your receipt for handing-in before you can leave the examination

After the exam

  • You are not allowed to talk to other students until you have left the examination room
  •  Remember your mobile, computer etc.
  • If you have borrowed a computer, follow the instructions given to you by the Servicedesk.

Any questions about the digital examination should be directed to Remember to state your name and the study programme, module and test you are enquiring about.



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