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About Health Sciences

We, at the Faculty of Health Sciences, wish to

maintain and develop the University of Southern Denmark as a university with a visible, decisive influence on the development of the health care system and on public health.

We do this

  • by communicating research results to the population, health care professionals and decision makers
  • by offering research oriented educations at a high professional and pedagogic level within all health areas
  • by making research-based authorities processing through well-developed cooperation with ministers, regions, and local authorities, and
  • by teaching and researching at a high international level in areas which are relevant to public health and efficiency in the treatment of diseases.

Our strength lies

in research into public health and selected diseases that negatively impact the population, individual citizens and society, with the aim of understanding their

  • biomedical basis
  • incidence and development in the population and
  • influence on the quality of life and functional capacity
  • diagnostics and treatment

by combining advanced biomedical and epidemiological research with research on health promotion, prevention, rehabilitation and methods of examination and treatment.

Also in quality development of a complete spectrum of health-orientated

  • fundamental education at bachelor and master level
  • further education at master level

which are all based on research, reflect society's need for education in an international perspective and make the knowledge and skills of the graduates visible.

At the Faculty of Health Sciences we offer

a wide range of health-oriented and research-based

  • educations on a bachelor- and master level
  • educations on ph.d. level
  • educations on master level and postgraduate level,

of the highest professional and pedagogic quality. Furthermore, society has a need for educations with an international style, and the competences and knowledge each education will end up providing each student is made viable.

And we seek cooperation where we can help promote change!