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About Health Sciences

The Core Narrative of The Faculty of Health Sciences

Our vision is to help improve human health!

Our goal is to

maintain and develop the University of Southern Denmark as a university with a visible and decisive influence on the development of the healthcare system and on public health – with a view to a sustainable development of society.

We do this by

  • conducting education and research at a high international level in areas that are relevant to public health and generate effective treatment of diseases
  • striving to ensure that our activities quickly benefit society
  • recruiting the best employees
  • and by disseminating research results to the population, healthcare professionals and decision makers.

Our strength, therefore, lies in

research into public health and selected diseases that affect the population, the individual citizen, and society – with a view to understanding their

  • biomedical basis
  • incidence and development in the population
  • impact on human quality of life and functioning, both physically and mentally.

We do this by combining advanced biomedical and epidemiological research with research into health promotion, prevention, rehabilitation, and examination and treatment methods.

and in the quality development of a complete spectrum of health-oriented educational programmes

  • at undergraduate, graduate, and PhD level
  • and in postgraduate courses and further education,

all of which are research-based, reflect society’s need for educational programmes in an international perspective – and draw attention to our graduates’ knowledge and competencies.

We prioritise our working environment, gender equality, and sustainability.
And we seek collaboration wherever we can contribute to change!

The Core Narrative of The Faculty of Health Sciences


Last Updated 28.09.2021