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SUND Education

1. Teaching and exams

Responsible for organising and administering teaching/skills training, evaluation and exams, including timetabelling as well as conducting evaluations and exams. The area focuses on the development and digitisation of the area. The area works closely with degree programme secretaries at the departments and provides the daily servicing of students and staff.

2. Educational service and clinic distribution

Serves students and the study boards at SUND with study information, case processing, study board service and quality work. The area handles legality assurance of education programmes and complaint handling. It also handles the distribution of students in clinical stays/undertaking study periods.

3. Quality of education and internationalisation

Participates in collaboration with heads of studies and other areas in the Faculty Secretariat for continuous and systematic improvement of the quality of the programmes and of the administrative support. The area supports paedagogical development and internationalisation, and coordinates activities related to admission and study start.

Last Updated 20.11.2020