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Academic Study Board

The object of the Academic Study Boards is to ensure the planning, implementation and development of education and teaching.

The Academic Study Boards prepare proposals for curriculums and changes hereto and send them to the Dean for approval.

The Academic Study Boards must be consulted in connection with proposals for or changes to Education Orders, proposals for general rules for examination, grading and teaching and for other matters that relate to teaching within the area of work of the Academic Study Boards.

The Academic Study Boards conduct on-going evaluation of curriculums, process complaints and make decisions on applications for an exemption.

Each Academic Study Board comprises an equal number of academic staff and students.
At its first meeting, each Academic Study Board elects a chairman and a vice-chairman. The elected chairman and vice-chairman must be approved by the Dean.

Together with the Academic Study Board, the Head of Studies has the task of conducting the organisation in practice of teaching and examinations.

Together with the Academic Study Boards and at the responsibility of the relevant Head of Department, the Head of Studies must follow up on the evaluation of education and teaching.

Study Board, Medicine
Study Board, Clinical Biomechanics
Study Board, Sport
Study Board, Public Health Science
Study Board, Pharmacy
Study Board, Psychology
Study Board, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy and Nursing, Physiotherapy and Health Science

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