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Research & Development

Facilitation and Research Education

Facilitation and Research Education administers the PhD programme, the pre-graduate research education and also research training courses for the medical specialist education.

The Facilitation and Research Education’s job include:

  • the handling of all cases in connection with the PhD programme, from the applications and enrolment to course of study and thesis defense and finally approving the PhD titles
  • the handling of all cases in connection with the pre-graduate research programme/education from the applications and enrolment to the exam execution
  • the handling of all cases in connection with delivery, assessment and defense of doctoral theses
  • providing secretariat services for the PhD headmaster, for the PhD committee and its lower committee and for the 10 research education programmes
  • planning and administration of the PhD courses
  • planning and completion of joint research training courses for doctors during their educations

Southern Denmark Research Support

Southern Denmark Research Support offers support and counseling to researchers and administrative staff in connection with applications concerning external research funds. The service is for employees working for Region of Southern Denmark and for University of Southern Denmark’s faculty of Health Sciences. 

Southern Denmark Research Support provides funding for the following: 

  • Identification of both notice and the fund giver
  • Application’s efficiency in the not scientific parts
  • The layout and the readability of the applications
  • Adjustment of applications regarding special conditions
  • Making the budget

Southern Denmark Research Support also gives advice on applications that have a more complex character, including applications that includes many different parties and/or complex applications forms, as for instance EU and NIH, applications about research centres/” "Centres of Excellence", scientific equipment, strategic programs etc.

Southern Denmark Research Support offers seminars and courses about external research financing, for example how to write a good application about research funds, fund givers, or their programs (the research councils, EU’s framework programme), how the funding database Research Professional best can be used etc.