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The Faculty Secretariat

The Faculty Secretariat handles strategy and management support for the Dean and for the rest of the faculty. Also the Faculty Secretary does a number of administrative tasks regarding all the activities of the faculty including any funding for scientific research, student counseling, educational administration, economy etc.

Key figures

In 2013 the Faculty of Health Science has a budget saying 21.6 million Danish kroner of which the 20.4 million are related to external business and the 0.8 million is related to internal business. The expected expenditures

The Faculty of Health Science's 2013 capital expenditure is expected to be allocated to 20.9 million Danish kroner on salaries and 1.5 million Danish kroner on day-to-day running.

On January 1st the Faculty Secretariat of Health Science had 44 employees
(40,8 full-time equivalents)

Two service areas

The secretariat is made up of the service areas Education & Quality and Science & Service