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Dean's Office

Dean's Office rests on these legs: 

  • Communications Office 
  • Physical planning
  • Recruitment of Scientific Staff  
  • Finances and Buying
  • Strategic development

Communications Office

Press contact and stakeholder contact

  • Contact to the press about news and branding
  • The Dane’s Academy (in Danish: Danskernes Akademi), DRK
  • The day of 24 hours Research
  • Profile brochure for the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • “Sund & Hed” (student magazine)
  • Council programme of University of Odense
  • Templates (PP, Word, Posters, printed matter)

Marketing of the educations

  • Sales promotion of the educations (homepages, brochures, strategy)
  • Bridging activities for Health Sciences in cooperation with the U&K division
  • KOT educations open house arrangements
  • Sales promotion on the MCQ day
  • Information day about continuing education
  • Fairs about the continuing educations and Master’s degree programme
  • Member of the design committee for SDUE and KOT brochures 


  • Web coordination (member of the Web Group)
  • Maintenance of webpages in cooperation with the about 100 web editors
  • Google Adwords sales promotion of Health Sciences educations 
  • Retrieve Report and analysis of statistics from Google Analytics
  • The faculty’s coordinator/project manager
  • Introduction and support of Sitecore CMS to the editors of the faculty
  • PDS editors
  • PURE support  

Physical planning

  • Physical planning: Analysis, planning, arrangements and communication regarding new build and the moving of units 

Recruitment of Scientific Staff

  • Co-ordination and processing concerning the recruitment of scientific staff to the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Announcement of scientific positions (as postdocs, assistant professors, associate professors, professors, clinical professors, senior advisors, and others at similar levels).
  • Appointment and guidance of expert assessment committees.
  • Handling of assessment committee reports and recommendations concerning appointments of potential applicants.
  • Supervision concerning the elements of the recruitment process.
  • Processing concerning the assignment of adjunct professors and honorary doctorates.
  • Development of administrative procedures for the recruitment and appointment of scientific staff.
  • Participation in the university’s development and implementation of new e-recruitment systems.

Finances and Purchasing

The function of Finances and Procurement is to handle the running and development of the following main jobs:

  • Budgeting and budget follow-up on the Faculty in cooperation with the budget office
  • Budgeting and budget follow-up on the Faculty Secretariat’s general and administrative costs
  • Administrative tasks in relation to the Faculty Secretariat
  • Development tasks in relation to finances for the Faculty and the Faculty Secretariat
  • Framework and conditions for the Faculty's procurement
  • Coordination and registration of various inquiries from the Financial Control
  • Administration of the Faculty's STÅ contracts (
  • Provide guidance to the employees of the Faculty Secretariat and the financial functions at the departments; advise the Dean on financial matters

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Strategic development

  • Hospital cooperation at regional and national level
  • New SUND (programme management)
  • Research support
  • Personal Medicine
  • Strategic development projects and programmes

Last Updated 20.11.2020