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About us

Southern Denmark Research Support's priorities are: assistance to early-career or newly hired researchers, group advice and training, and support of large and complex proposals. We offer a.o. the following services:

  • How to systematically identify relevant calls and funders through efficient use of ResearchProfessional.
  • Feedback on research grant proposals, individual or in group.
  • Costing research projects and setting up proposal budgets, using SDU Budget Sheet.
  • General introduction to research funding in Denmark and strategic funding advice; please schedule an appointment with us.
  • General or specialized workshops for research groups, sections or departments, e.g. on effective use of Research Professional, writing competitive grant proposals, focusing on specific funders like the EU or US funding. We are open to suggestion for any relevant topic, if you have an idea, please get in touch and schedule a meeting with us!


Southern Denmark Research Support also offers training workshops on e.g. writing competitive research grant proposals both through SDU's continuing education unit (CUU) and as tailor-made offerings to primarily the clinical sciences. Please refer to CUU's web pages or contact us for further information.

We would be happy to hear from you regarding any of the topics above, or with feedback or suggestions on our services. You will find our contact information here.

Last Updated 05.10.2021