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SDU Budget Sheet


SDU’s Financial Services (Forskerservice-Økonomi , FSØ) has designed an Excel tool—SDU Budgetark (SDU Budget Sheet)—which contains all the standard salary costs for most positions at the university. It also correctly calculates holiday compensation and annual salary increases. The Budget Sheet is thus an excellent tool for finding the correct amounts to include in your proposal budget,. If the funder does not provide a budget template, SDU Budget Sheet can be used directly in the application. Using SDU Budgetark will also ensure rapid processing when getting your proposal budget approved by FSØ.

Important: SDU Budgetark is frequently updated, and older versions can not be used. The latest version should always be used (i.e. do not reuse older budget files).

SDU Budgetark can be downloaded from this page (SDU log-on required; find the link "SDU Budgetark"): SDU WARM

Last Updated 22.03.2019