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SDU numbers needed for certain grant proposals

Many funders require that certain numbers are included in the grant proposal, e.g. to ensure that the applicant is really associated to the insinuation, or that the institution really is an institution. Below are selected numbers that we often get questions about:

  • CVR number: This the number allocated by CVR (det Centrale VirksomhedsRegister), the Danish master register of information about businesses and organizations. The CVR number should be used whenever a VAT number is required. SDU's CVR number is really easy to find: it is always displayed at the bottom of every web page on SDU-dk, this one included! 


  • PIC number: The European Commission requires a Participant Identification Code when for example submitting a research grant proposal. SDU's PIC number is: 999 904 616.


  • EAN number: EAN is short for European Article Number, which is an international identification number that is used to assure that an invoice is sent to the correct account. SDU has c. 100 different EAN numbers, which are listed on SDU's list of EAN numbers...


  • DUNS number, FWA and other numbers required by US Federal authorities: When applying for research funding from Federal agencies in the United States of America, a number of active registrations are required, among them the DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet), FWA (Federalwide Assurance), NCAGE (NATO Commercial And Government Entity) Code. These numbers must not be used without previous registration and approval from the university management; please contact Southern Denmark Research Support that will be pleased to assist you.

Last Updated 01.04.2019