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Who should approve/sign your grant proposal?

Stamp of approval

All research grant applications from SDU must be approved before being submitted to the funder if the sum applied for is greater than DKK 200,000. At the Faculty of Health Sciences this process  includes two steps:

  1. Budget control: the application budget must be controlled and approved by SDU's central Financial Services (Forskerservice Økonomi, FSØ); send your budget to Please allow 3 days to ensure time for unforeseen issues or deadline-related spikes that may cause delays. 
  2. Grant proposal approval: After the budget has been checked and approved, the Head of Department needs to approve the entire application. Procedures vary slightly between departments; please refer to your own department's administration for further details.

Please note that FSØ and Southern Denmark Research Support (SDRS) are two separate services; SDRS does not control or approve proposal budgets! However, we do provide advice and guidance on project finances and proposal budget issues. We also offer an introduction to SDU's grant proposal budget development tool, SDU Budgetark...

Last Updated 22.03.2019