Our researchers collaborate with Danish companies, municipalities, and regions on research projects and lifelong learning. In the world of research, international cooperation is more common than not which is why our researchers are involved in international research collaborations. These relationships provide a rewarding experience in exchanging research and knowledge between the faculty’s research environments and similar environments in universities around the world.

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In the field of education, the faculty cooperates with universities in Denmark and abroad in relation to student exchange, joint programmes, and the educational development of our programmes.

Cooperation with Businesses and Internships

Throughout their studies, students cooperate with private and public enterprises to participate in a wide range of activities. Students have the option to participate in an internship as part of their studies.

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Alumni Network

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences is connected with the business community through our alumni network. Through this network, we stay in touch with former students who are currently employed in the public or private sectors.

Advisory Boards

Advisory boards for the faculty’s programmes ensure cooperation and contact with businesses where our graduates look for employment.

Other Educational Institutions

We have cooperative relationships with other education institutions such as university colleges, business academies, upper secondary schools, primary, and lower secondary schools. Through this collaboration, we develop credit transfer agreements, and work on regional development projects. Further to this, we provide young people from other levels in the educational system with an opportunity to learn about the university before deciding which educational programme to enrol in.

Lastly, some employees at the faculty are members of boards and act as representatives.

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