Policy and Strategy

The Strategy for the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

In these years, the Danish university sector is undergoing extensive changes.

The international competition is, and will become, significantly harder. At the same time, the whole sector is still challenged by the transformation from elite university to mass university. We have to guarantee the highest academic standards and at the same time prepare a wide range of young people to enter an increasingly changeable labour market.

In addition, the political and societal expectations and demands for higher quality and relevance in education programmes and research are growing. Our education programmes must meet the needs of the labour market, and we are increasingly being challenged on our ability to produce research at the highest international level and to use it actively in relevant research-based education programmes and other activities for the benefit of society.

The changes happening in the world around us mean that we have to change course. If we do not respond, we will find it harder to attract qualified staff and dedicated students and to secure a sound financial basis for our activities. Moreover, the students we attract will have increasing difficulties matching the requirements of the labour market. Therefore, we need a new strategy, so that we can continue to do what we are meant to do and what we are dedicated towards: create knowledge and value for society.

The strategy can be downloaded here

Strategy for our Professional Development and Executive Education

As perscribed in the faculty's strategy, we have developed a strategy for our Professional Development and Executive Education.

This can be downloaded here.

In the future, we wish to offer research-based PDEE-activities which stand out as relevant because of the applied educational principles that bind theory and practice closely together and meet the students’ requirements. Also, there is a need for independent courses, both as a respond to the need for shorter and longer competence development courses and as introductory courses for HD, Professional Master, and part-time studies. We try to accommodate this new reality in the strategy, based on the following strategic objectives:

We will create a portfolio of professional development and executive education relevant to society and practice-related with a national anchor and international quality. This will happen through an integration of our professional development and executive education activities and our additional research and educational activities.




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